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In Love in Venice

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I love writing, especially poetry. I write so that the reader can feel the emotion in the poetry I write.


She was so excited to go on her first trip to Italy.

When She arrived, she was surprised at how many places to go.

She wanted to take some great photos.

She found it hard to make up her mind on where she would start.

She was thinking a museum or art.

She wanted to start in Rome.

She didn't want to go alone.

She wanted to meet a man in Italy.

She thought it would make a great story.


She always wanted to see the Arch of Constantine Colosseum.

She went to see the Arch of Constantine Colosseum and she felt amazement.

Then she got hungry so she decided to something to eat.

She was excited about how much verity of places to eat.

She noticed a british, tall and handsome man.

He was looking at a menu at a restaurant.

She thought to herself, I hope he is single.

After he was done ordering he looked up and smiled in her direction.

Did he notice me?' she thought to herself.

All of a sudden she felt butterflies in her stomach and she felt really excited.


He walked over to her and asked "Would you like to sit and have dinner with me?"

She smiled with excitement and answered "Yes."

She noticed his big blue eyes and his English accent.

After dinner, he invited her to go to Venice with him.

She thanked him for dinner and accepted his invitation.

They met and started their trip.

He showered her with gifts.

He took her to his favorite museums.

She really enjoyed her trip to Italy.

They enjoyed a ride on the Grand Canal.

He popped open a bottle of red wine.

He gave her a dozen roses and she smiled.

They went back to Rome and took a look at the gardens.

They held hands and enjoyed walks together.

She took a lot of photos and made fun memories.

She loved to listen to him talk.

He loved the way she laughed at his jokes.

She liked that it was his first time in Italy.

She loved that he was very witty.

He looked into her loving eyes.

His feelings he could not hide.

He told her he loved her.

She loved him back and gave him a kiss.

He was thankful that this trip he didn't miss.

They fell in love in Venice.

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