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In Love in London

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No one is as lucky as I am.

To have a love where distance is nothing but a wait to see him.

Where time is nonexistent.

There is no other love such as the one I have.

The love we share is for the world to see.

We lead by our example of true love.

Our love is one that runs deep.

It's arms are open to everyone.

The love we have is as wide as the universe.

Our love touches not only our own souls, but everyone's soul.

With our love no one feels alone.

Our love is overflowing and inspiring.

We share our deepest thoughts together.

With our love our little world was created.

The life we share together in public and in private is one of love.

We are there for eachother.

We give affection freely.

My love is always on my mind as I am always on his.

We are not afraid to show our love to each other.

We do not hide our love.

Love is a wonderful thing to give, to have, and to share.

What other emotion could you show the world you care for her?

This love of ours touches everyone.

Though there is a distance, love is worth the travel.

Space does not stand in the way of two loving hearts.

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