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In His Masterpieces

Honeylyn L. Casquijo's In His Masterpieces will inspire every reader to contemplate his/her responsibility to God's creations.

Blessings from heaven

created for the satisfaction of the Earth

all great God's masterpieces

need to be protected

and preserved.

The waters of the land

quenching the thirsty nomad

the fruits of the Earth

satisfactions of lost wanderer

flowers that bloom not only in May

are happiness even to a dying soul.

Reverberations of the mountain

a remembrance of the omnipotent

tides of the seas

are cradles of seagulls and herrings

searching for a living.

The golden meadows

filled with wild grasses

gracefully dancing with the wind

are comfortable nesting grounds for quails

shields of caterpillars and diversed insects.

The fields and deserts

springs and rivers flowing

seas and skies

meeting halfway in the horizon

are just few masterpieces

to hold and behold.

Just look above and beyond

sun's halo is forming from a distant

wake up from dusk 'til dawn

'til you'll caught by the shadow of full moon

and Venus star shall soon gloom.

The swaying trees of the forests

changing their colors

every winter, spring, summer, or fall

are just some great blessings

need to be saved.

For the Earth is filled with bounties

and all these graces

shall be delightfully embraced

by all living pieces

and masterpieces

especially the blessed humanities.


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