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In High Definition


Every poem is about you, and every poem is because of you.

When I was 15, you held my hand, and a pen collaborating with paper has been your only replacement ever since.

The first and only boy to teach my mouth that love is euphoria in high definition if you allow it to be.

Love has always been more than a word, and it proved the worth of us every time it blazed it’s cinematic artistry.

It became our craft, our pursuit, our virtuosity.

It turned our silence, into our rehab, into our next expedition.

Our love wasn’t a fragile antique vase to be tossed around by fumbling hands.

There was no delicacy to our whims.

Our love was impact.

It was an uphill sprint to the brink of something momentous.

You do not have to tell me what I already know.

I know that memories cannot be taken to auction, but I know I would bid every dollar I have just to remember each sequence we shared.

I know discoveries are not exhilarating if you uncover them alone.

I know I was so fortunate to have discovered more than a word with you, over and over again.

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