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In Future, Standing a Blur (Poem)

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Is life a forever negotiation?

Is life a forever negotiation?

Where, pray tell struggling mankind, are we?
Forward pulse, present link, or backward we see?
Touching quickly, quietly, static born some see.
Waters dash an eaten wall, embracing a key.

Stars jumping a rhapsody, tuning a rainbow
Avalanch rolls, society stands not tall.
Thunder smiles the lightning by, must go.
Familiar skeleton smiles still finding all.

Infants sleep in tiny baskets guarded with ravens
Never moving, never breathing, last step divine.
Soaring the skies dark; dogs lap poisons graves,
Hobos, lost souls, cry darkness to love one finds

Meanwhile past, present, future wars and deaths
Make circle one twirling a jealous moonbeam bless.
Walking, running, crawling--never catching the end
If I am past, you are present, we only pretend.

We've been here once at mountain's past
Gripping loosely the dragon's reins.
Listening to shadows sigh, blotting the olden cast.
Too many heartbeats, too many to explain.

I awake, you awake with jealous morning here
Not hiding, not fetching the bags of witch's gold.
I walk on soggy path, again, on shaky pier.
Again, again, and again, die until old.

July 21, 2021_________________________________________________

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Early symbol for mankind.

Early symbol for mankind.

© 2021 Kenneth Avery

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