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In Difficult Times We Have Friendship

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I May Never Know What You Are Going Through

Every day we see a new date on the calendar

There are so many good times

I wish they could stay forever

The sad times come and we do our best

To make them better

Even if we are miles apart

We are two beating hearts

Life gives us so many challenges that we face

So many people think life is a race to the finish

I am not the fastest or the brightest

So I move at my own pace

Trying to squish as much joy in every moment

As I possibly can

I believe through our deepest and kindest thoughts

We can connect

Helping others when they are stressed

There are no words that can change the way things are

If we see a smile or a laugh

Then there is hope

That we can make the most

That not just our lives can change

Life for everyone can become better

In some small way

Today will lead to tomorrow

The sun will shine again

We will not only find the courage

To continue to help those in need

So with prayers and support

You have a friend

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