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In Case You Forgot


Look at that dusking horizon!

It is dazzling the eyes.

Oh, look at those birds!

They are tightrope walkers.

Look at those fluffy clouds flopping!

They are descending down the nightfall.

When the darkness covered the sun, an innocent rush.

And lit up a flickering candle that cast his shadow.

He is playing with a firefly.

His fingers are dancing around a fading candlelight.

In a moment, he was engulfed in darkness.

He is begging to see light in his eyes.

Flickering lights appeared at last!

Flitting around and whispering into his ears.

But, why are the fireflies slowly fleeing away?

When the sun collides with the moon, it smashes the brightest light.

He couldn't chase the fireflies,

Beyond the puffing blue clouds.

The brightness is eating up their sparks!

They are now fading away.

Each of them is counseling behind the glooming brightness,

Ascending from the mountain below.

This poem is about someone's departure. It conveys a deep sorrow to someone's death. When there's brightness, we can't see any shimmering reflection of that person who had already departed from our life. However, we can only see that person who had passed away when the darkness showed up. The darkness releases a feeling of grief and mourn to the person who will never be in our life anymore. It's hard to find someone like him, someone that can replace the happiness he had shared with you. The only thing to express the longing for that person is through commemoration as he will never be forgotten even after life.

© 2022 Sheen Lor Bermudez

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