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In Between the Past, Present, and the Future

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

It's official, folks, I've been on shaky ground for too long

Legs were weak and the foundation of the soil not steady

Felt more like actual quicksand than legitimate terra firma

Wondered when the physical ground will actually solidify

Able to walk on it to get to the other side of whatever this is

A mindset of robotic nothingness where steps meant more

Than putting any real meaning into any activity

Style and content over any type of substance

Decided to take a chance and take a step and was relieved

That the ground didn't sink beneath my toes

Until something made me think back to less certain times

Those memories caused a potential problem in my steps

Locked in a place that felt solid, but elusive at same time

Feet permanently glued in an unmovable position

Unable to move forwards or backwards at all

Tried to find a loophole, such as taking off shoes and socks

Realized that they were already off and bare feet feet were stuck

Hesitant to make any sudden moves for causing any lasting effects

Okay, probably not so drastic, but not a fan of any type of pain

Emotional or physical discomfort in the slightest

When it came to the former, stayed detached and numb

Helped to deal with loss and heartache in equal measures

Realized that it was best to face it head on

That this glue could be imaginary and not the real deal

Examined how I ended up in this predicament carefully

Became aware that I didn't taken enough precautions

Read enough resumes and look in-between the lines

To search for the truth behind the manufactured lies

Having a hard time trusting that some people are good and kind

Interested in my well being and have my best interests at heart

Sure, some people are full of integrity, while others are devoid of it

Criminals in the guise of pretending to good and honest folks

Charitable creatures who were secretly lining their pockets

Full of inappropriately ill-gotten gains and proud of it

Taking from the poor to give to themselves

Selfishness to the extreme degree

Understood that some people only look out for themselves

Needed to focus now on making myself better

Looking at my comfort levels and what I need

In order to be happy and find everlasting peace

Once that occurs, a proper future can materialize

Feet will be able to move freely and all will be right with the world

Who could ask for anything more?

Feet stuck in place and unable to move no matter how hard you try.

Feet stuck in place and unable to move no matter how hard you try.

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