In Between: A Poem


There's always a wall between us,

Even when we're near,

I hate to tell you,

But I'm the one who put it there,

There's too much inside I don't want you to see,

So I try to keep you out and away from me,

But you are starting to turn the tide,

Like a tidal wave you cover me with your love,

And show me I have nothing to hide.


Love & Loss by Mattia Cupelli

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ValKaras profile image

ValKaras 5 months ago from Canada

Erin - What a wonderful piece of poetry! So elegantly and softly touching our cautious reluctance to open up completely to those we love, as if concerned that the person would "possess" a part of our personality that we always considered available for "our eyes only".

Ebower profile image

Ebower 5 months ago from Georgia Author

ValKaras: Thank you! You completely understood the message I was trying to convey.

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