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In A Moment Of Silence

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There Comes A Time

We need to consider

What we are experiencing at this very point in time

Our thoughts that we have expressed and stored in our brain

Both jousting for position

Constantly in a duel

I wonder who will take their rightful place

Will that person hold on to the power

Misuse, mislead and deceive

Will the power of suggestion surface

Like a frog in a near by pond

Surfacing quietly without making a sound

Doing what it always has done in the past

Depending on it's own natural ability

To survive and live on a daily basis

Are we products of our environment ?

Just what society says we are

Then again are we so much more ?

Sitting or standing viewing life from a microscope of time

Carefully examining our words that explain our actions

Can we break away from tradition

Is it an escape from a life we have always known ?

To be different

To be extraordinary

Isn't this our chance to stand out and show our unique talents and gifts

Are we boasting ?

Thinking we are so much more than we really are

How do we come across in the eyes of our peers?

A leader breaking in new ground

Helping other people

By guiding them in a good direction

Trying to save them the pain and the struggle

Without it will they have the same desire to succeed ?

Will they just cease all together ?

Going off into the woods

Never to be heard from ever again

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