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In A World Filled With Problems

We Can All Show More Love

Why wait ?

Why think another thought ?

When two people love each other

There are incredible sparks that fly

They are invisible to the naked eye

We all know they are there

We feel them in the air

We don't have to be or do anything else

Some how ?

Some way ?

We found this amazing love

This feeling of happiness

That we thought we knew

All our lives

Searching to discover

What makes us truly happy

Some people look for fame

More people learn to make lots of money

If it is the spotlight or the satisfaction of achieving a goal

For me it is simple

I have found love

A goodness inside of all of us

That dares to show the little bit of light

The reasons are long and lengthy

Most people don't want to be bored with details

Skip to the chase

The bottom line

Making someone else even happier than they make you

That is so hard to do

It takes complete concentration

Lots of listening

A life long commitment

Constant communication

We never settle for less

We continually try to give our personal best

There is a sweet reward

A life of warmth and comfort

A feeling of self gratification

That can't be found

It can't be saved

It just is

When we are alone

When are eyes are shut

It is then we feel are comfort zone

Knowing who we are

Knowing how hard we have worked

To believe and trust

Love is not a myth or a fairytale

It is real

It moves us when we think we are frozen

Love is always changing

After twenty years it took me to realize

I have just begun

To uncover a love so sensational

So deep

Made of so many intricate layers

That spread far and wide

When we are happy alone

We can be happy with someone else

Then it is no secret

We can spread this love

Wherever it has to go

It is not an effort or a task

It is our pleasure

One than will last long after we are gone

It is sad and silly more people don't discover this unwritten rule

Never does it take away from anyone else

It does the complete opposite

It helps people

In ways we will never know

So as you wake up this morning

Going about your day

If it is going to work or taking care of your family

Helping other people is not something we have to sign up for

It comes naturally

Wherever we are

Whatever we do

Give the love that you always wanted

The love that drives you with real purpose

Love is free

The more you give the more you get

It is unlike anything I have ever known

Pass the littlest and smallest part of love that you have

Stand back

You will see it take shape

Change form

Slowly and ever so slowly grow

Once it has started

There is no turning back

Love has been released

It is free to go wherever it choses

It stays for awhile then travels on

Comes back often

Stronger than it was before

It keeps multiplying simultaneously

It is in this instant

A moment of time

All things are so beautiful

We can rack our brains and try to figure out life

Dealing with people of all types

Trying to do what is best

We can let all that go

Start with love

Then let love do the work

All by itself

© 2022 DREAM ON

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