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In A Physical World Nothing Lasts Forever

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All You Have To Do Is Look Around And See

What looks good and feels right

May not be here tomorrow

When we go to bed at night

Everything feels the same

We close our eyes

Our bodies go to sleep

We wake up and do what we always have

Go to work and see the same people

Our life changing so slow

We often don't notice

Unless something drastic or unforgettable happens

You hear so many people say

It is the same old thing

Another day almost a carbon copy of the one before

We wake up tomorrow and think little has changed

When in reality everything has

We are tricked and fooled by our own minds

The same mind that leads us to great inventions and progress

Can be faulty and make mistakes

How do we adjust for these mistakes ?

As a writer we write what we see and feel

We touch the world in a different way

Mentally through our senses

Something that can not be touched or held

Proceed with "caution"

Never stop learning and adding to our new knowledge

Giving up old ways that don't work no more

This is one of the hardest things I have ever done

Outdated and misunderstood

Nobody really told me how or what to do

I think that they maybe they didn't know either

I am a prehistoric mammal that learns to adapt with change

That change happened not because of something I did

From something I didn't do

An outside force of nature I had no control over


The same water that keeps us alive

Without it we can not survive

Kind of ironic

I pun within a pun

Here I am because I drink water because my body needs it to function

The same water destroys paper

Years of my notes and writings gone in an instant

Careless to think they would be o.k. where they are

I have kept them safe for over forty years

Why should now be any different

Well as the seasons change

Our bodies change

We are not and never will be the same

Life is about change

With change comes new and greater ideas

In todays world

I can relate it so everyone understand

Years of knowledge and all the results of a fifty year test

Destroyed gone for good

My own personal imaginary computer crashed

All my information was not backed up

As I move forward

Living and breathing and taking in this very moment

It is 6:58 the first signs of daylight

Seconds before this my world was in complete darkness

Except for artificial light in the house

I move along with great speed of todays world

I am also much aware that what looks permanent

Is only an illusion

The people we meet every day may not be here tomorrow

We may not be here tomorrow

So live for today

Take the bad and the sad

Rework it into something good

Take the good and make it something special

Because it is

Unfortunately we realize this when it is too late

When something is lost or of no more use


Even then that is not true

Because if we are smart

We can learn a lesson

So nothing is really wasted

The outcome is just different than what we expected

Funny how life is

We look around and see the world what we have made

From computers to lights

Money to fabulous homes

Every invention imaginable

Now thanks to the ease and speed of computers

We can record things almost indefinitely

There is only one catch

We may not be around to enjoy it

It is not what we make in the end

It is what we are made of what really matters

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