Impossible RHYMES

Updated on November 17, 2017

Mission Impossible

JIM PHELPS and his team.
Attempt to retrieve.
The CIA non-official cover list.
But they fail to obtain it.
Phelps is shot and his wife dies.
Actually, Most of his team dies.
ETHAN HUNT is the only one still alive.
Saying that was a set-up to find.
To find the mole in IMF.
Immediately hunt suspects.
That the mole is EUGENE KITRIDGE.
& he's out to reveal it.
When he returns to the safe house.
Hunt figures the codes out.
Job 314 refers to the bible.
Is a simple verse in the bible.
Hunt later meets up with MAX.
The list she holds is being tracked.
He promises to deliver the real one.
In return, he wanted $10 million.
$10 million and Job's ID.
Hunt is also recruiting.
Planning on infiltrating.
Infiltrating the CIA headquarters.
To steal the real list and flee to London.
Henry Kittridge detects it.
He has hunts family falsely arrested.
He provides media coverage for it.
Hunt contacts him before leaving for Paris.
Allowing the CIA to trace him to London.
But finds Phelps behind him waiting.
Turns out, Phelps survived the shooting.
Naming Kittridge as the mole that's doing.
He thought it was Kittridge but realizes.
That Phelps hid it with many disguises.
Hunt to meet Max to exchange.
Meeting Max while on the train.
Hunt repeatedly directs him to the list.
Max sees it and gives Hunt the payment.
He also got job in the baggage.
He kills Phelps and resigns to take on a new mission.

Tom Cruise
Ethan Hunt
Jon Voight
Jim Phelps
Henry Czerny
Eugene Kittridge

Mission Impossible 2

ETHAN HUNT is alerted by the IMF.
That someone used his ID to enter the U.S.
Once entered he was killed on U.S Soil.
The IMF knew he was coming.
They also knew what he was delivering.
Delivering a new bioweapon.
So he was killed to send a message.
SEAN AMBROSE realizes it.
He kills him but steals the virus.
Hunt is assigned to recover it.
He recruits Niyah Hall to help recover it.
Then assembles a team during the process.
Then goes to Sydney, Australia.
To the Biocyte labs in Austrailia.
That's where Ambrose is staying.
Ethan stakes it out before attacking.
Meanwhile, Niyah gets close.
Gets close to Ambrose.
To learn about the Virus.
While Ambrose tries to hide it.
He meets with Biocytes CEO.
He shows him a video.
A video of the virus affecting.
One of Nekhoriche's colleagues.
The CEO cooperates.
While Niyah makes plans to take.
Taking the footage from the CEO.
The footage included that video.
She transfers it all to Hunt.
His team sees what Ambrose wants.
The CEO has the virus.
& he has the cure to fight it.
So the IMF Kidnap him.
Then learn that Ambrose reached him.
With the cure but not the virus.
He wanted the CEO to supply it.
The team breaks into his lab.
Ambrose also breaks in the lab.
While IMF tries to destroy the virus.
He is trying to revive it.
A fire breaks out.
Forcing them all out.
Ambrose lets Niyah roam the Sydney streets.
While Ethan plans on how he will defeat.
He infiltrates the meeting and steals the remains.
The remains of the cure. He figures the way.
The way to keep this city pure.
He was a hero when he took that cure.

Tom Cruise
Ethan Hunt
Dougray Scott
Sean Ambrose
Thandi Newton

Mission Impossible 3

ETHAN HUNT has retired from the IMF.
Using what he had left.
To train others. He was settling down.
Preparing for a wedding that was coming around.
He kept his true job hidden.
He was approached with a mission.
He and his team quickly did it.
The collected two damaged laptops.
While fleeing they immediately stopped.
Ethan saw explosive pellets in Lindsey's head.
The went off before they left her head.
Back in the states, Ethan discovers.
That Lindsey sent a postcard before capture.
The postcard had a magnetic microdot.
While technicians recover data from the laptops.
To know were OWEN DAVIAN will be.
Meanwhile, Ethan is planning.
To capture Owen without seeking.
Before leaving he has his wedding.
He goes and captures Owen.
He then interrogates Owen.
About a Rabbit's foot.
Owen chooses to stay put.
Ethan learns that the microdot.
Is a video showing the plot?
The plot of Owen, he later escapes.
Ethan then finds that his wife has been placed.
Placed in the custody of Owen.
He gives Ethan the chance of recovering.
Recovering Julie. His wife.
If he returns the rabbit foot. He will save her life.
Ethan's captured by the IMF.
He's interrogated himself.
But mouths the location of the rabbit foot.
China is the place of the Rabbit foot.
So he escapes and heads there.
Then explains to Owen it's in his care.
Owen still shoots his wife.
Later it's revealed that she wasn't his wife.
She is alive and held hostage.
As Ethan is knocked unconscious.
But frees himself & goes for Owen.
Kills him and reveals the life he had hidden.

Tom Cruise
Ethan Hunt
Phillip Seymour Hoffman
Owen Davian
Michelle Monoghan

Mission Impossible 4

ETHAN HUNT is in a Moscow Prison.
To acquire a source of information.
About a man, they call COBALT.
He escaped and learned more about Cobalt.
He later initiates GHOST PROTOCOL.
While still pursuing Cobalt.
Hunt is still being chased.
But continues to find ways to escape.
He later finds Cobalts true ID.
Cobalt has a nuclear strategy.
His true name is KURT HENDRICKS.
He is a crazed Russian.
Chasing codes in Dubai.
Unknown that hunts team is following.
Following with their various gadgetry.
Disguising themselves in a meeting.
To make Moreau believe.
That she's not meeting the IMF team.
The deception does not last.
Chaos is growing fast.
Hendricks gets the codes and escapes.
He later tries to negotiate.
To gain control of a satellite.
But it doesn't come without a fight.
Hunt stands in Cobalts face.
While the missle is in place.
Hendricks jumps to his death.
While Hunt makes sure that he left.

Tom Cruise
Ethan Hunt
Micheal Nyqvist
Cobalt/Kurt Hendricks
Jeremy Renner
William Brandt

Mission Impossible 5

After intercepting nerve gas being sold to terrorists.
ETHAN HUNT is convinced to prove the existence.
Of the international criminal consortium.
The see Hunt in a shop and Capture.
Capture him while their leader kills an IMF agent.
Not knowing that Hunt plans on escaping.
When he escapes to Washington, D.C.
He goes before a city committee.
The IMF is disbanded by ALAN HUNLEY.
Who captures Hunt with a warning.
Warning him to stay working but hidden.
While following his lead of an agent.
The man with the glasses if named SOLOMON LANE.
Hunt follows him and remains the same.
He lives undercover in Cuba.
Enlisting friends to attend the opera.
Lane also is scheduled to be there.
There are casualties. But he is not there.
The CIA is after hunt.
But Luther Stickell finds hunt.
He and Dunn acquire a secret file.
They quickly get away with the file.
Dunn Copies it to a USB drive.
They then flee to London to wipe the drive.
Meanwhile, Ethan learns that the data.
Is an encrypted red box that requires.
Biometrics to unlock it.
Lanes men hope hunts decrypts it.
Hunt agrees to do it.
But finds classified information.
He finds out where Hunley really is.
Hunt goes down there to get him.
He later hijacks the project.
He goes rogue in the process.
With biometrics, they found out.
That the file has money on various accounts.
$2.4 billion British pounds.
Those pounds are guaranteed to allow.
Hunt to destroy the data.
He first memorizes the data.
Lures Lane into a sealed.
The authorities stepped in for the kill.

Tom Cruise
Ethan Hunt
Sean Harris
Solomon Lane
Ving Rhames
Luther Strikell

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