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Immunity Scrutiny

I have been writing poetry, fiction and short stories for many years and have completed a book of poems. I also enjoy comedy writing.

Build Your Immunity

Build Your Immunity

Hey orange? What will you do for me today?

Vitamin C baby! All the way.

Hey Cranberry, you are my main man.

“Yeah, you know I am filled with antioxidants”

Mr. Bean, have you seen Miss Callaloo

“Yeah, she was lifting irons, you know how she do”

I just had me some lettuce and cabbage

I am a healthy man, I dumped the bad sugar

I mediate and enjoy nature, enlightened like Buddha

I build my immunity, by the plants the creator gave

Fatty burgers, sodas and GMO is a sure sentence to the grave

I jog a little, sometimes I run

I stand still a while, and let my skin absorb the sun

I drink water from the spring, as how nature intended

Not from the sewer pipes running to my kitchen sink, toxins blended.

My immune system is a well-oiled machine, fighting viruses all year round

Hitting them high, hitting them low, knocking flu to the ground

Sorry chump, I don’t need drugs in my veins

Nature is my cure, for all aches and pains.