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Immortal Love

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She met him as a young man.

He remembered the first time she held his hand.

Yes, they were young and in love.

He thought she was angel from above.

She thought they would last forever.

He knew her love would cease never.

Their life was an adventure.

Their travels filled with excitement.

They reminisced about their youth.

They paid their respects to their friends.

He visited the first diner where their love began.

She ordered her favorite pie and sat in a booth.

He remembered that the very spot they were sitting in.

She remembered they sat there on the day he said I love you.

As the years went by, their love grew stronger.

They knew the life would be no longer.

On their final day of life they held hands.

Now, their love never died, it is immortal.

Death was just another portal.

Their souls walked into heaven hand in hand.

While on earth, they knew their love is and always will be.

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