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Immoral Rendezvous

Ebere celebrates the psychological realism in art and enjoys the challenge it brings.


Let us not dread in the pain,

Rather, let us engulf ourselves in the pleasure

This constant war that only ends in the inevitable,

As though the Sahara’s have finally been ravaged by monsoons.

You’ve consumed me

Come now, come be embraced in the heat of my desires

Give your lengthened passion entry into the world of my resistance,

Of dew and fever like the preservation of the scarlet orifice

I lay soiled awaiting your presence.

You’ve consumed me

Set ablaze is the reddened elixir coursing through my veins

Sprouting with every sigh

An anguish so merciful, so indulgent

Come now, come be embraced in the heat of our desire.

You’ve consumed me

Let us not be consumed by the literature of acceptance,

The teachings of discipline, and the promise of tradition

Ours is the way, rebellious and vile, for we are chosen

The blueprint of games and mazes are foreign to us.

You’ve consumed me

This yearning knows not of boundaries,

To become whole in combat

Of aches and devotions,

Of twinge and fervor.

You’ve consumed me

Let us stay,

You and me in the earth;

Different like our names

Similar like our hearts.

You’ve consumed me

© 2020 Ebere Pretty

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