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Imagine the Possibility of Humility

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Finding my inspiration through the voice of music and poetry. Being creative and finding ways in making life easier and smarter for others.


Seeing in all

what life has to offer,

to worry is like an equation,

it can be solved

there’s always an answer

so let’s make it wise

with an informed calculation,

The beauty in youth

is a wrinkle in time,

never mishandle people’s heart,

and never put up with those

mishandling yours,

value the heart

never ever

cause it to part

Remember the compliments

forget the insults,

otherwise it turns into

a wheel of catapults

Jealousy is the root

to catastrophe

never make it key,

please bear in mind

and minus

from your philosophy

Always be kind,

keep that in mind

imagine the possibility

it lightens your troubles,

as well as others

Gratitude is a great way

to see all humility

There’s so many factors that affect the mind, if we can lighten our troubles, let’s pay it forward and do it for others.

Remain blessed on the road ahead

© 2020 Mitara N

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