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Imagination Infatuation


Imagine what it would be like on those farthest planets of all space,

Its atmosphere is just right for all life, a grand, most beautiful place.

Unlike the planet, where inhabitants are so full of hatred, of greed,

There are cared for, each one does share, in satisfying every need.

There, no pollution is a problem, the air always fresh, all to breathe,

There are no wars, all to get along, no finer world is ours to conceive.

They care not to seek whether there's life elsewhere, all are satisfied,

Their gratification, in all serenity, as well as their intelligence, implied.


Never do they all have to worry there, whether there's funding or a tax,

The whole, its sum, is taken care of by each, is here all may just relax.

There is no such thing as money or debts, all barter, needs, exchange,

What is good for one, is good for all, no outsiders, no facts to rearrange.

There is no such entity as a political party, just one organization we see,

The party of all, with each one's best inspired, as there's no voting to be.

When changes are in need and all do know, no problem for this to occur,

A positive atmosphere, there always, its members, humanly, to all concur.


Here are no wildfires burning so out of control, not any hurricanes to endure,

The weather there is under no influence, controlled scientifically, all to insure.

Plagues and illnesses are never to be faced, there's all permanent immunity,

The children are always happy and to be inspired, bright futures, them to see.

This special zone, to them, belongs, never there a worry, of anyone that defies,

There is a reassuring presence, felt by all, a protection by an entity in the skies.

This power we do know as our own God, and the one creator of this universe,

That fact is written in the sands of all time, in scriptures, are read in each verse.


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