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I'm the Outsider

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Yenaros' mix of lyricism, detail, and style is a dangerous poetic force to be reckoned with.

Poetry by Yenaros

Poetry by Yenaros

I'm the Outsider

I look outside and I see all these people

Who think that life is a game.

They chase a bag of dead trees

With dead presidents on the front.

They brag to their friends

About their girl screaming so that the

Neighbors know their name.

So the neighbors know your name?


Why does everyone have to be the same?

I don’t need some woman to scream

My government domain

In order to gain fame

From people that’ll probably file a

Noise complaint because

We’re having sex so loud that

It’s a shame.

They’ve turned sex into a competition.

It’s really lame, eh?

You either duplicate the videos

Or it ain’t the same, eh?

Thinking about your decisions right now?

That’s why I came, eh?


For anyone that had a dirty mind

That was ready to call me out.

Hold the applause.

I don’t need appreciation.

We need mediation.

I don’t just speak words.

I mean everything.

The name is Yenaros.

I don’t need an abbreviation.

© 2019 Yenaros

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