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I'm a Real Stiff

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That's Not Where I Want To Be

When my neck is tight

It throws my whole body out of wack

It comes from my left arm soreness

Then travels up to my neck

I put heat on it to help it along

I have gone for a massage to correct the problem

My job at work continues to bring back any pain

I use the same repetitive motion

Through years of constant use

That is an issue I deal with

I also bought a hand massage that also works

I rub on some Blue-Emu

All natural and goes along way

It is inexpensive and also makes me feel good

Little trial and tribulations bring my mind to a different place

So I do everything I can to get back to a nice rhythm

Changing jobs at this point in my career is not an option

I make sure I stretch when ever possible

Good health habits keep the rest of my body functioning fine

Any free time that I have I focus on my mind healing what ails me

I am so thankful for my magnificent body

Over the past five decades it has provided me with a wonderful life

I continue to enjoy the pleasures and satisfaction

It just takes me a little longer to get a positive reaction