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I'm a Happy Rebel: A Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.

Freedom of soul, mind, and heart is the highest ideal of life.

Freedom of soul, mind, and heart is the highest ideal of life.

Blind belief in authority in the greatest enemy of truth.

-- Albert Einstein

I am calling myself a happy rebel

writing against paradigm for a fun

turning over each rock and pebble

for an alternate truth if there is one.

Addicted to my views out of the box

sometimes I may sound like a shrink

saying things that are meant to detox

the way that brainwashed people think.

I see people duped into their limitation

medicine seeing us as fleshy machines

and religion causing spiritual stagnation

and I say it all using these poetic means.

I can see a careerism in all political minds

pushing for status of an alpha in the pack

wound up to instigate conflicts of all kinds

keeping the global harmony out of whack.

An intellectual freedom is my main theme

with sheer will-muscle to reclaim our mind

de-hypnotized from each imposing scheme

to personally evolve into a more desired kind.

Unlike other rebels I am not pissed at all

as I'm seeing world as an amusing place

and rebelling is not like some solemn call

which would just make me a shrink's case.

Loving the mankind, I just see them funny

with all crazy stuff they are taking for smart

this world keeps orbiting around god-money

but yet not enough to poison this rebel's heart.

© 2022 Val Karas