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I'm Time: a Poem

I am a writer of poems short stories and short articles on the feeling of nature.


"The person who does the work during the time introduces intelligence"



Time Says --------

I'm time,

Don't wait for anyone.

Start in seconds and

get the minute

And goes the day in the form of hours.

Day after day

Take the form of the month

Month after month

end the year


come to you,

pass like a river stream

Don't turn around again.

Every moment I get past, and

Keep track of the passing moments.

The present is my favorite

it will make your life

Make all dreams come true.

The future is the result of work

so I keep the secret.

I am rich and poor, caste and religion

Look equally.

Don't discriminate with anyone,

give the results of each task according to time.

To go equally with me

If the mind is done

So timely work

Don't say no.

© 2021 Debashis Baruah