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I'm Telling You it's True

It took longer than I thought
I realized we think just the same
It may not sound that way at first
Sometimes I have to weather the rain
Until you tell me how you really feel
You’re moving closer to me now
The streets may seem like freedom
Love inside a bar is never like a vow
Go ahead and tell me what you want
I’ll lay it down in front of you
Whether it’s my heart crying out loud
Or my tears telling you it’s true
I’m telling you it’s true

There’s a way to find out
It’s only a matter of time to know it
You’ll have to spend it with somebody
How long before their words show it
I’m not telling you to trust me girl
Only how I feel in every moment
One day you’ll see I’m still by the fire
Burning wood glows longer than an instant
I like to sleep at night sometimes
With the sun burning in my head
Your eyes like a sunset melting away
Mine were watching, thinking what you said
I’m telling you it’s true

What did you say to me just now
I woke up like the dawn in a storm
I thought I understood the night before
Only your jeans were supposed to be torn
That’s how you casually walked into my life
But I could tell you lived it long enough
There’s a ship wreck near, I can see the gold
A dream doesn’t care if the ocean is rough
I was standing on the bow when it happened
I decided to see if it felt better below
The pictures swayed and so did my stomach
But then I remembered you from long ago
I’m telling you it’s true

You give me the time of day
And I’ll find the sense of urgency
The way to love is like a movie
The way we act burns into our memory
Except it’s not an act, it’s the real thing
I only sleep because it exhausts me
Loving that hard is not hard to do
But my heart never thought it would be
Racing around feeling every day like new
We know what we want when we gasp
The air bursting in our lungs is life
I can’t slow down, I’ve forgotten the past
I’m telling you it’s true