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I'm Still Here (They're All Gone)

These memories are mine
Mingled with the known
My world, I once lived
Did you think it was true?
Starting over alone, again
A new being, a new friend
Everyone was, now it's gone
Their reason for being here
Was to fill all my spaces
I don't believe in ghosts
Not inventions of the mind
Living, breathing memories
Where others now stand
Not knowing how to act
Not knowing what happened
In a place only I can find
Because it's in my mind
Like a cemetery of mist
Where silhouettes fade in
Seen, but not recognized
Moving quickly, but not heard
My instinct of what they said
About the weather or madness
Depression, more than it should
But not for them, never for them
Because they were all resolved
Wade fishing on a red canvas
Lighting cigarettes in the wind
Bitter about perpetual darkness
Guilty as the victim of her escape
It was never a life meant to be
No free romance, only bondage
Or death by a thousand cuts
The torture of petrified destiny
Wood cast upon the shore
Discarded but honorable in death
And now facing the orator of life
Their life, the haze of forty years
Gathered as if it were yesterday
Where images not altogether true
Once again come alive as comfort
Because I know how it ends, for them
But not for me or the bottom of a glass
Spinning ice cubes desperate to melt
And washed down my throat again
As I drink to the love I have for them