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I'm Numb

Dean Traylor is a freelance writer and teacher who writes about various subjects, including education and creative writing.


Words travel fast

About another death.

Someone close to me

Once again.


A sad story

Always the same


But tears don’t roll

As feelings of loss is

Just a void.


Too many, lately,

Too many to count.


Tears once fell

Sorrow raged within

But now,


The eyes are dry

And the sorrow’s muted.


I’m numb

I’m spent


Too many funerals

Too many memorials


Numbness is all I feel.


As my loved ones

As my dear friends

As my peers

Drift into oblivion.


They all march off

Into the unknown

Leaving their memories behind.


But so many

All at once.


I can’t feel.

I can’t hurt.

My sympathy drained.


I’ll miss them

But there’s

So many to miss.


And one day

I’ll know this.

Once I can take time

To remember them

And to grieve them.


When the cruel world stops

And gives me

that grace.


© 2022 Dean Traylor

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