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I'm Not Insane

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.

They thought I'd gone crazy
But they also said you're coy
And you guess what I thought?
That you were amazing, right...
I know how this sounds
But how about this baby doll
I know am not insane
But if I am really insane
Then my sanity lies in my insanity
But either way I know one thing matters
The kind of blaze you light in me
Each day I smile stupidly
Not caring if the world is watching or not
But each day fears creeps into me;
What if I fall a little too fast and hard,
Will you let me fall and hurt on the rocks?
Or will you watch and catch me mid air?
Its hard to tell from the two
But I gave you all the trust I had
So you have a choice to make.
If you let me fall and hurt;
I will live with scars forever
Because not even time will heal them
But if you catch me mid air
I will smile so big into your face
And kiss you so much with love
Because it will tell me that
I really mean something to your life
I'm not gonna make promises of a safe ride
Because I never really decide
But I will tell you a little something...
When tornadoes strike so hard
Please do not strike back lest they carry you
When the waves get too strong
Don't try to beat them off because you can't
Rest and let them find their way.
And when ocean is calm and beaches shiny
Have all the fun you can in the world
Because you never know when tsunamis attack next
But in all these waivers...
I promise to hold your hand,
If you walk out I'll stand by the door
And wait for when you come back to me
Because I know you'll never bail out on me
And when the rains are heavy I'll hold out my coat
Because that's how best I was taught to love
Without a care in the world I'll shout back
And into our kisses I'll claim my love...
To the hickeys I'll cause I'll mark boundaries
Because that's how I was taught to build a home
It's not gonna be easy for any of us
But for the love I was taught to give I'll hold
And when all this is done,
I'll sit on your laps with apples in hand
And hug you so tight you'd think am suffocating you
Just to tell you that ​I LOVE YOU BABY DOLL​

© 2018 BeckyTP

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