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I'm Not A Bad World


I don't want you to ever think
I'm the reason this is a bad world
For you
For you
No not for you

Lately I've been wondering
How many people think of me
Do they smile or want to run away
I'm not a bad world
Don't think of me that way

You know when I think of something
It's all the way to the end
You like to talk to me
And I give you that look
It's so far away
Not the way love is

I'm not a bad world
I'm trying to understand the one I'm in
It's not about silver spoons
Or how to decorate my rooms

I want to feel that way about you
Waiting for it all to end and crying about it
Don't say goodbye to the world
Don't say goodbye to me

I'm not asking you to find my light
Just understand that it's there
With every light there is a shadow
Will it be yours or mine?

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