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I'm Inspired by a Beautiful Day

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I Couldn't Be Happier

The soft breeze racing in through my sliding door

Knocking things of my kitchen table

Loose white paper and a pen hit the floor

They were left to jot some ideas and plans for my day

All now seem so distant and far away

I propped myself up in a seat

I have no intention of leaving this wonderful spot

I look out across the field of grass and see nothing

Then the next rush of air tickles my chin hairs

I have found a great sense of desire

To stay put and reap the benefits of this moment

The sun neither warm or visible from my position

A cool day in the 70's

I eagerly anticipate the next wave of wonder

Neither on time or fully appreciated

Just when I started to enjoy it

It left as silently as it has come

A few distant cloud hover in the light bluish sky

The bird feeder lay empty

Slightly swaying back and forth

A sweet calmness to added to each moment

My mind now laxidasical and nourished

Where my body has surrendered

All my previous aches and pains

Have easily vanished

Either temporarily or permanently

To soon to tell

My eyes opening and shutting like Christmas lights blinking

Under the table my feet lay crossed

I go drifting off

Where all my dreams begin

Letting the rest of my day unwind

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