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I'm From Here

Jacy has been writing for over a decade as a hobby. Now she's trying to put more focus toward it as a career.

Where are you from?


No, where are you really from?


No, I mean where are you originally from?


No, I’m trying to ask where were you born?


Okay, where’s your family from?


Oh, cool. So you speak another language?

I’m trying to learn Spanish.

No, I mean you speak Liberian?

I speak English, yes.

No, I mean you speak what they speak in Liberia?

Yes. I speak English.

No, I’m asking what do they speak in Liberia?

Liberians speak English.

Oh. Is it nice there?

I don’t know. I’ve never been.

You’ve never been to your home country?

Liberia is not my home country.

I was born in America.

In Maryland.

I’ve lived in America my whole life.

I’ve lived in Maryland most of my life.

Yes, I’m black.

That doesn’t mean I just got off a boat.

Yes, I’m dark.

That doesn’t mean I’m not from here.

My skin might be interesting.

But so is my mind.

Your questions are annoying.

Your ignorance is infuriating.

I don’t fucking know what African country has the best jungles.

If you want to know

Educate yourself.

Try learning tact while you’re at it.

© 2019 Jacy Delvecchio

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