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I'm Drowning

Louwelyn started writing poems since third grade. Writing has always been and will always be her passion and source of inspiration.

I'm Drowning

All of us will experience a point in our lives where we keep on asking questions but getting answers to these questions will make us feel far from better.


I'm drowning.

All my feelings are caged inside me.

I want to shout but I tried hard to contain it.

My emotions kept surging from within me.

I can't unleash it.

If I shout, will it make any difference?

Will you hear me out?

If I scream, will you be able to understand how I feel?

Will you listen?

If I suppress my tears, will the pain subside into oblivion?

Will I forget?

If I forget, will everything return to the way it used to be?

Will I be happy?

If I forgive, will I be healed?

Will I be whole again?

And if I can, why do it feels like I am still drowning?

© 2018 Louwelyn Luistro Andal

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