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I'm Dreaming of an Off-White Christmas (Haiku for an Aussie Xmas)

John has been writing poetry since his school days. He was awarded the "Best Poet 2014 and 2021" Hubby Awards.


Christmas in Australia

Many of my friends in the Northern Hemisphere cannot fathom what it's like to celebrate Christmas in the middle of Summer. Well, here in Australia that's exactly what we do. Sometimes, we do want to experience the feeling of a Winter Christmas in which case we may have a special "Christmas in July" celebration just for fun.

But, for many Aussie families a barbecue, game of cricket, and fun on the beach and the waves is part of Christmas. No such thing as making snowman (unless out of sand... and then that's a sandman anyway), snowball fights, tobogganing, skating on a frozen lake etc.

Anyway, to celebrate our Aussie Christmas and give everyone else a little taste of what it's like in the Land down Under at this time of year, here is a collection of haiku. I hope you enjoy.

The First Christmas

Wise Men travelled far

To seek the saviour boy-child

To a virgin born.

No Snowmen

In the Land Down Under

It is a Summer Christmas

No snowmen in sight.

Christmas in the Waves

The seaside beckons

Crowds flock to the coast

Christmas in the waves.

Summer Rain

Summertime is here

Passing Spring's colourful bloom

Welcome rains ahead.


The Christmas Tree

Christmas approaches

Look for the perfect pine tree

Place a star on top.

Nature Comes Alive

Bright and warm the sun

Gone is Winter's chilly gloom

Nature comes alive.

My Perfect Christmas

The beer is on ice

The turkey is in the oven

My perfect Christmas.


Backyard Cricket

Backyard cricket match

Friends and family gather

Grandad hits a six.

Off-White Christmas

Is your Christmas white?

Have you ever felt the snow?

Never seen it here.

© 2014 John Hansen

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