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I'm Discovering You

Simplicity Of Life Is Like A Fresh Breath Of Air. Walking With Christ Can Get More Complicated When We Get In The Traffic Jams Of The World.

Experiencing You

In All New Things We Discover In Life

Appears A Child Like Joy.

That Kisses Our Faces With

A Sweet Smile Of Innocence.

Discovering Each Other Is

Truly A Gift From God To

Each And Everyone Of Us.

Just Like A Child's First Experience

Of Seeing And Playing With A Puppy ,

They Will Subconsciously Drift Into The

World Of Joy And Purity As They


One Of The Most Innocent

Creation's Of God's

A Puppy.....

Christopher Columbus Discovered America

And I'm Discovering You.

Have You Ever Held A Butterfly

When You Were Young?

Wasn't It The Way It Floated So

Gracefully In The Air.

And The Brilliant Colors That Seemed

To Glow As The Sun Rays Skipped

Across The Butterflies Wings?

In Which From Your Excitement You

Were In Joy When You Caught It.

You Had An Instinct It Was Delicate

To Hold It Gently. And Something

Told You If It Wants To Fly Away To

Allow It To Go Because You Could Rip It's Wings

If You Made It Struggle.

"Be Gentle With This Butterfly It's One

Of God's Very Delicate Creation.

I Also Recall Being Young And In The Evenings

My Friends, Sisters And I Were So So Curious

About Lighting Bugs. They Glowed In The Dark

And The Glow Would Go Off And On Just Like

A Light Switch.

We Spent Many Summers So Excited That Lighting

Bugs Were Appearing As We Entered Into The

Summer Months.

We Spent So Many Nights Catching Fire Flies

And Putting Them In A Jar So We Can Watch

Them Glow. And Also Caterpillars.

They Intrigued Us By How Soft And Gentle

They Were.

Those Two We'd Put In Jars And We Keep Them

All Day And Evening Until It Was Time To Go Inside

For The Evening. In Which We Honored Gods Beautiful

Creation And Gift To Us By Releasing Them Back Into Nature.

It Was A Built In Instinct Of Knowledge Embedded In Us,

" Be Gentle With Them And Than Release Them".

Wen I Was A Child My Sisters, Friends And I Spent

Our Youth Through Out Spring And Summer Months

Discovering The Intense Beauty And Creation Of Nature.

Yes, Climbing Trees And Picking Wild Flowers Was My Joy.

When My Friends And Sisters Turn Into Teenagers

They Seem To Forget About Discovering Natures Beauty

And Began Discovering Kissing Boys And Their First Date.

My Curiosity Expanded To Discovering The Universe,

Angels, Stars, And The Moon.

Laying On Top Of My Roof On Summer Months

Was New New Discovery Of God's Intense Creation

Of Beauty.

Up To Today I Love Playing With The Star , Angels, Moon

And Intrigued With The Holy Universe.