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I'm Crazed

Ebizimor loves writing, especially poetry and has being writing poetry since childhood.


Send words to that lady

She’s somewhere in the club

Send her words that I’m crazy

And drunk in the pub

A pub crawler

Trampled on the dance floor

Like a fowl caught in a fowler

Caught by the claws of my own flaws

Trembling with the bottle

Drinking in more love

Emptying the bottle

Tasty for more love

I’m crazed

Tell the world I’m crazy for that lady

I’m caged

Caged for being crazily in love with that lady

Tell her these chains are hot

The blood draining chains of love

Tell her the pains hurt

Is there gain falling in love?

For long I have dreamt for her response

But she never seem to conform

Please be soon to merrily send your response

So my world you could reform

Cause I am crazed

Caged awaiting her arrival

Her presence keeps me amazed

Please, tell her to speed up her arrival

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie

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