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I'm Blown Away By your Love


Blondey has self published 3 books of poetry on Amazon. You can find her under her pen name Rosemary Amrhein.


What is this?

This pain that is inflicted on me

It started with my parent

Then it came with you

Well you made me happy for five years

And then when I let you go

I cried an ocean of tears

But then

I thought I was done with it

But I made two friends

Who continued it!

Really one I guess

Because the other doesn't matter

Lying, deceit, manipulation never got my liking

I see you now

And I'm blown away

By your love

this toxic love

That I never knew you had for me

It was friendship for me with you

But I never knew you loved me

I never knew and I'm blown away

Blown away because I never loved you that way

Not in a physical way not in an attraction way

Only a friend

But quite close to a relationship

Because we had so much in common

Yet now I can see

Why I've been so hurt by you

over and over

like crimson and clover

Whatever that means

Crimson is pain

Clover is pleasure

I've had fun with you

I thought you were my friend

But all this time

You wanted me in the end

I can see now why

your feelings get so hurt

When I say things that don't coincide with wanting you

Then you get blue

And make me feel bad somehow

And end up hurting me

over and over

like crimson and then clover

But now that I see the pattern

It was harder to spot than my actual love relationship

It was so hidden

Very well hidden

You hid it very well

I just wish that when someone showed love for me

It would make me feel good

It would make me happy

It would not hurt me

That they would not hurt me

Will I ever find someone not to hurt me?

My ex didn't really hurt me

He made me so happy

But when it ended it hurt worst of all

So I guess if in love you do fall

Try to ask God for a love that will make you happy

A love that will make you




Blondey (author) on March 19, 2021:



Maybe the person who loves me is a child in an adult's body.


Chrish Canosa from Manila Philippines on March 06, 2021:

I think it's the- stage of adolescence love, it sounds very overwhelming to me haha. Love and passion is the poetry of the universe!

I hope you have a great day

Blondey (author) on March 05, 2021:


Love definitely is beautiful.

I'm definitely a fan of love!

Thank you very much for stopping in to say hello and leave feedback!

Yes, I have spent so much time alone the past several years

I think I finally know....who I am!

And I do love myself.

love and peace!!!

Oh and P.S.

If you read my other older poems on here and schoolgirlforreal and also my 3 poetry books on amazon.com under Rosemary Amrhein....you will see hundreds of poems that display very plainly how deeply I was in love before and how beautiful it was! :) I'm just waiting for lighting to strike twice!!!!

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on March 05, 2021:

Echoing words of pain.

One must first live himself...in order for another to love him the same way.

Love can & does hurt...but it can be beautiful also.

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