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I’m Alone in This World Full of People

I’m Alone in This World Full of People

I don’t know…

What it feels like to have

a billion eyes stare at me

like I do stare at the billion stars

in the dark sky

every single, lonely night

But I never knew…

The world full of people

Could be this lonely

Until the cold gripped me in the

Night when the sun was fast asleep

I didn’t know.,.

The busy world

and its tenants

had their eyes on me

like granny’s image

hanging on the wall

with eyes that looks always alive

staring pitifully at a grandson

that has lost his way

A grandson whose

closet houses rotten corns,

watching a grandson from the wall

go wild and confused

tired but full of pride

I didn’t care to know…

How else I was going to

make my money

if not with patience

and hard work

and good works

and with a good heart

and all but humility

when I long to grab the billions

in one fold with little palms

not wanting to waste time

I also didn’t know…

I have expectations I needed to meet

when my mother, My father

my little sisters

my brothers

my imaginary girlfriend

and lot more pictures

displayed on the wall

and all them gawking

horribly with strange,

hunger stricken eyes

and those eyes were like

pulling my brain out of

my head

Then I know…

I wasn’t born

and wasn’t fed

and wasn’t clothed and wasn’t trained

and wasn’t accommodated by them

all for fancy

I also know…

I have to make them proud

prove to them their efforts to pull me up

aren’t abortive,

rebuild the roof of their hopes

and make it even stronger

turn their pool of tears

into a fountain of ecstasy,

turn those thoughts

the fears they bear

and the prayers offered,

into a tree blessed with good fruits

‘cause I’m a seed they’ve sown

that has sprout to the sky

with more fruits full of seeds

and when in their old they rest in peace

I, my Mrs. And kids shall

not cease to live in peace

so now…

How can I be alone

In this world full of people?

How, when I already have enough in

this world full of nothing?

© 2018 Ebizimor Boloukie