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Illusionism Politics Style


Val enjoys writing prose in rhymes by always leaving a message of a life truism in each piece.

Politics Makes the Line Between Reality and Fiction Disappear. -- Val Karas

Politics Makes the Line Between Reality and Fiction Disappear. -- Val Karas


If you have ever been at an illusionist's show, you must have ended up all confused over your having been such a sucker to fall for each of those optical illusions. With all due admiration for the trickster and his skill, you just might have also felt a tiny bit of resentment for his mocking you in the process.

Unfortunately, hardly do we ever feel that additional feeling about our admired politicians. This simply because, unlike with illusionist whom we don't trust from the very start, that trust is the very factor which makes politicians' manipulative strategies possible.

So they stage their persuasive game in a style of every good illusionist, while applying well tested and proven to be affective strategies of redirecting our focus, playing on our patriotic sentiment, and then using our existential fear as their strongest trick.

It comes to a point where our thinking has become only an extension of their thinking, and their lies get filtered through our unconditional trust -- now becoming truths.

Has anyone ever seen god? As we all know, god is an item in our belief system, while we fail to accept the existence of a thick line between "believing" and "knowing".

So much so that we don't only "believe" in a deity, but we also "know" him. How we know him? Because others told us, how else. Most certainly, it was not us waking up one morning and tell everyone at the breakfast table: "Hey, I think there is god, and he is up there, and he is almighty, and hey, pass me that sugar, will you."

Did you know that believing is only a mental function, which, when overly used, tends to hijack our need for objective evidence? And did you know that our affinity to believing makes us perfect candidates for brainwashable political suckers?

Have you ever seen a hypnotized person instructed to see everything white as black -- and then he did it with their unshakable, strongest conviction? (Of course, until snapped out of it). I have.

And those are the very moments when you start wondering about the limit of human gullibility

These days I am recognizing -- again -- that same phenomenon while seeing on my merciless, crap-generating TV the event at the Capitol on January the 6th -- while also observing the same general blind following going on in the political circus.

In the next three pieces I am playing with some rhymed prose depicting the theme of illusionism politics style. Try to derive some fun out of it, at least enough as to make justified my having fun while I was writing it.

A Selfie of a Perfect Leader

I am a definition of the True Man

a genius, a savant, a rare mind

and I keep lying because I can

by any measure one of a kind.

Dictators are my true inspiration

oppose me and I'll call you a name

I'm taking for a ride the whole nation

driven by my pride knowing no shame.

I've got this need to mock and to defeat

so I create me a whole bunch of foes

domestic, foreign, it's equally sweet

all get tricked by my macho pose.

My secret insecurities I so ably hide

all those shrinks can kiss my fat butt

I can always insist that they just lied

little does it matter if they call me nut.

My base is trusting me whatever I might say

if I called them idiots they would be charmed

the whole world is my playpen in which I play

with my arrogance I make everyone disarmed.

In other words, I'm just that perfect leader

to believe it takes no more than a glimpse

on every highway of life always a speeder

leaving behind me all suckers and wimps.

Duped Spectators at Stadion of Politics

For a complete daily cycle we need day and night

now believe it or not, the same in politics applies

for a balance we need both Left and Right

only difference being their kind of lies.

Sucked into that manipulative, crazy game

we pay with taxes for a viewing admission

both camps just playing for their own fame

not changing much in our living condition,

Left or Right, neither brings prosperity to you

both a parasitic breed just living off our taxes

selling us their patriotism that was never true

letting us live on our credit card until it maxes.

Have you ever experienced a huge economic boom

except for the one following the World War Two

all election promises are but political perfume

an opiate for voters with no objective clue.

Cleverly divided into opposing political camps

merely to be weaker and so easier to handle

we cheer for our most manipulative champs

while burning on both sides our life candle.

Just as an aging political analyst has said:

"Electing Left of Right comes to the same"

so as long as they allow us our daily bread

we'll stay loyal observers of that crazy game.

Tribute to Free World

Free world means that anything goes

what one law may say, another will defy

the rich can do anything in front of our nose

while so many are bound to just close their eyes.

Freedom often means flooding reason with emotions

people's asses doing all their important thinking

so many thriving on psychoactive potions

saying obvious crap without blinking.

Then we proudly call it a triumph over Dark Age

with politicians mocking us from their high tower

like bunch of drunk clowns performing on stage

drooling over prospects of showing off a power.

Anything goes with few of good lawyers

you can lie, and kill, defraud, and rape

and you can rob clean you employers

while making a joke of any red tape.

Classical music being mocked by rap

"to each their own" is our good excuse

as culture gets defined by just any crap

making us free winners as we really lose.

Our freedom is an opiate of a porno style

where finesse converts to something crude

with value and harmony gone for quite a while

everything a subject to passing, whimsical mood.

© 2021 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on March 02, 2021:

Peggy -- Prayer may help -- providing that even God hasn't run out of His patience.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on March 02, 2021:

Let us pray that the divisiveness seen now in politics improves for the betterment of us all and that better days are ahead.

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