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I'll Never Again Eat Sausages

Gareth Barsby is a graduate of the University of Chester who writes many short stories, poems and reviews.

I’ll never again eat sausages,
I won’t have them in a meal,
Not after what happened,
Not after how they made me feel,

When I last ate sausages,
Ones big and fat and greasy,
I felt like I would throw up,
Because I was so queasy,

What also happened after,
I ate all that meat,
Was that I completely lost control,
Of my arms and legs and feet,

They were under the power,
Of a spectral mind,
One that wanted to roll around,
In the mud all the time,

Thankfully there came an exorcist,
Who solved the problem that was big,
Who saved me from being possessed,
By the spirit of a pig.

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