Ill- Natured

Updated on January 30, 2018

The rain pours down on my broken face

As the birds begin to chirp

I think they came to send me off

I think they sing good bye

Oh don’t cry for me little ones

I shan’t be gone for long

Cause even the snow shall fall as winter beckons

Ferocious and strong

Now I lay back down on the road beneath

Oh, whats gone wrong with this world

This was not what I was promised

It was not what I was told

I stared back at the ill- dressed girl

Her cracked lips asked for a penny

I smiled back and handed my wallet

For what’s a dead man to do with money

A young boy came next all drenched

Shivering in the cold

For hell is filled with raging fires

What am I to do with my coat

A pale old man came through next

He went around asking for food

I choose to leave with my feet left bare

For selling my shoes will do him good

But no one could ever guess

Where I was next going to

Not even me

And definitely not even you

I sat bolt upright in my bed

A little relieved, but more confused

For no matter how much I searched my house

I coundn’t find my wallet, coat or shoes

Was it an illusion or the reality

Surely a mystery it seems

My nature truly scared me back there

Guess even the devil has bad dreams

© 2018 Vivek


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