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I'll Be Ready

Who plays a song for me
I'm held back by my own life
Everything I know
It's not far enough for me

I won't burn my mind only to find
The words of despair we know all too well
No this is not my song
Not full of such darkness

The sails are already full
So I'll walk the shore
The birds may have flown
But not their song
Not their song
They'll be back
I'll be ready with my own

Nothing can plague me now
I won't worry what the past might say
Or any open wounds that stain my mind
I can't remember why I cried

Echoes bounce in the back of my mind
Pride and fear never need reminding
I want to tell them what I think
I don't need the baggage

I couldn't avoid it
I walked right through you
I want to be original
But love is not it's true
You won't be back
Now your sail is full
That song is now my own

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