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I'll Accept My Soul's Freedom Even as a Sin: A Poem

Val enjoys writing rhymed poetry with a valuable message in it.

With every sinful thought that my mind can produce -- I'm claiming my freedom

With every sinful thought that my mind can produce -- I'm claiming my freedom

We create our own chains with which we bind ourselves, and then we keep yelling as raving lunatics, why are we not free?

-- Abhijit Naskar from Pixabay

I never invited myself into unfree world

ignited by some others' passion blast

for months unconscious and curled

before slapped for first cry, not last.

They didn't want me to be free after being born

so promptly I was remodeled by their sample

with occasional ridicule and tactless scorn

odds to be myself were not really ample.

Then everyone else came like in a stampede

to instill into me what life would be all about

teachers, politicians, all planting their seed

each making sure there would be a sprout.

So what was my sin after all

was it my almost ruthless liberation

with marching into life instead of a crawl

listening to my own mind without hesitation.

Maybe that's why I gave up on god

tired of authorities and silly preaching

accepting my sinfulness, imperfect, flawed

just forever to be guided by my own teaching.

I see many voluntary prisoners wherever I may look

choosing their own jailer as the only act of free will

then all pretending to be living by their holy book

while just common self-deceivers run of the mill.

Many doors of mental prison were wide open for me

luring with promises, or using a blunt command

but my untamable soul preferred to stay free

not needing for a guide even god's hand.

© 2022 Val Karas