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I thought mountains are still been moved ?

But here I am, stucked with this

Healing isn't anywhere near

This isn't the move

This isn't a sign either

I feel emptiness

I thought I have moved this mountain

Should I go back to being Plato?

I can't be drunk in drugs again

I av play a lot of reverse psychology on my demon

I still see that shiit winning

I need a win win for myself not being assisted

Btw I thought I'm better off without my pack

Wtf is wrong with my alter ego

I can picture greatness but that was yesterday

How do I go from a tiger to a toad

That move is backward

Diazepam really was a good fiend

Like I really miss knowing that I'm doing this shiit

I'd be conversing deeply with my imaginations

I miss the home in my kind destruction

I'm stuck b/w living for now and all things vanity

I looked in the mirror and who I saw wasn't me

I saw pain, lust, lost, loser, broken and demented

I guess I'm better off diagnosed with schizophrenia

Like I want the world to hear me but I av nothing to say

So I lock myself up and test the level of my numbness

I fall in love with everything but nothing seems enough

I'm hoping it wouldn't be DOA when it's all won for me

A gun is pointed at me and I'm behind the trigger

I hope I don't lose me for nothing

It's unimaginable trying to picture my thoughts

Hey spirit animal, what am I not doing right ?

Come get me

It's you I need not the pack

Come get me.

© 2020 Christopher Ndulue

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