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The author is in her teenage years and is trying to be mature so that she can be a proud daughter to her parents and relatives.

Get me one

An invisibility cloak

the one from Harry potter

she would have asked her beloved

oh how much she wanted to hide away

from the good

from the bad

from her bullies

from her buddies

she thought she could at the very least

seal her real self with a stamp on a paper

not knowing what the future holds

not having enough courage to give away her worthless life

she felt her eyes closing but senses tingling

she was found when she didn't want to be discovered

'Valesa' she heard them loud and clear

opened her eyes to find another pair of eyes holding glittery tears

that fell on her cheek

it was her friends who found her in the snow,

she wanted to resist their warmth but couldn't

she let them pamper her with gifts and food

when she thought she no longer needed to hide herself

it was too late

the moment she smiled weakly at her friends

a storm of wind washed them away from her

she was standing still on a levitating feather

letting her tears wash away her smile

if she had been careful

if she hadn't met them

none of this would have ever happened

she knew it from the way she saw her friends hanging onto the tree

that she regrets it all,

moreover, she knew she deserved it all.

The poem has two parts, do hang on for the next part of the poem to understand it verywell.

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