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If You


The pale sun rose

Illuminating the world around

As I held you close

Your warmth a welcome comfort

Even in the sweltering heat

And I couldn’t help but wonder

Who would I be...if on that autumn day

We did not meet

If your smile never drew me in?

If your touch didn’t set aflame my skin?

If your love never made me see

I was who I wanted to be

If that day, I had walked away?

Would I ever have felt at peace as I do now

Would I still have grown to love myself?

Would I have found my voice?

I suppose staying was my choice

And I pray

That I feel this way


From the rise of the pale morning sun

To the angry evening star

setting at the end of a long day

If we were to part

If we were to be

mere strangers with memories

Would you still think about us?

Would you still miss our easy conversations

And equally easy silences?

Would you miss me?

I found that the answer,

is not that simple to see

When the time comes,

we’ll leave,

Our hearts on our sleeves,

our memories,

forever splayed across our minds like everlasting portraits

We’ll live as people we have to be

But in this moment,

I’d like to seek shelter in your arms

To calm my frenzied thoughts

Just a while longer,

I’ll live in the pretence of the world being perfect

Just a while longer,

Until this beautiful dream ends

© 2021 Leisha R

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