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Insomniac: If This Is My Last Poem

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If this is my last poem

If this is my last poem
I will be back to death
While this whimpering chaos in my head
Will be the slumbering song of my soul

While my heart stays broken
I will remain lost in the woods of your eyes
While my feelings remain untouched
I will be tired of finding the ecstacy I cannot suffice

When the serenity of the night makes me crazy
I feel like I could die without my pen
I know I would die without you even
If this is my last poem, I want it for you

I heard your subtle whispers through the rain
While in the cold sunshine
I saw your smile and heard your goodbye
If this is my last poem, let me remind you
How can I not love you?

This is the last of my weary body
The last of my dying heart
If this is my last poem
It will always be you

© 2019 Crezyl