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If and if only

Charlie is an undergraduate of Medical Laboratory Science. She loves writing


Cut a glance at me
Look beyond the aura I bear
Beyond the veil of pride and confidence
There's a girl hurting on the inside

I've been scarred with uncertainty
The fear of the unknown envelopes my subtle being
But despite the feeling of Deja Vu
A sense of something deeper hovers around

If and if only wishes were horses
Beggars will ride
Nothing to abate a troubled mind
Damnit! Am loosing to insanity

Locked behind the bars of conflicting emotions
Where the rusted prison bars gnaws at me
Am caught at a checkpoint of the "inevitable"
I'm being smoothered with pain

Cut a glance at me
My shield is falling off
I wish it can all be some nightmare
If and if only wishes were horses

Charlie Faith ❤️

© 2020 Charlie Faith

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