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If You Stick Your Neck Out

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The Next Thought Scares The Bejesus Out Of me

You get your neck cut off

How could you of known ?

There are no rules to follow

You take chances and one day

It either works or it doesn't

You have to be prepared to hear the worst

You have to have a tough skin

Like so many times before

I have heard it all

The conversation plays endlessly

On repeat

Over and over in my head

It doesn't work!!!!

I told you so

You have to sit and listen to all their opinions

If it worked people would be doing it

When you come back with a good come back

Maybe they didn't think of it?

What rock did you crawl out from under

Most people are quick to tell you

I told you so

You really thought it would work??

Each with their own sarcastic tone and attitude

What were you thinking?

You weren't thinking?

If it works

The same people will say

You got lucky

Wait and see

You will fail

There is no support either way

You are on your own

Your time and energy

You are the boss

You are the worker

You are the rebel

The constant dreamer

If things go wrong

You are responsible

So each step you take

You are reminded by everyone

You will be the laughing stock of town

You will never be able to live it down

So most people chicken out

Quit before they start

Scared of their own shadow

What if?

From then on

They can never be happy

They are always holding back

Afraid what other people may think

I want to step past this and move forward

Support those who have a dream

That nobody else may see or understand

Even if you fail

I will be there to say

Good try

Let me help you

Wait and see

Building up there confidence and courage

Next time will be your best time

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