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If You Cannot Hit the Big Target, Do Not Miss the Small Target

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Dr. Edward Henry-Gbemi, Coach and Medical Doctor of the Local Team

Dr. Edward Henry-Gbemi, Coach and Medical Doctor of the Local Team

He was talking to his son

Of what he needs to continue

To do to keep himself afloat

Financially in the world, because

Not all the people who he considers

His friend are really his friend, a time

Will come when those people would

Desert him and everyone would be minding

His business if he has not prepared his mind

For that period he may be disappointed with

The reactions of his friends to him, thence he

Needs to prime him up for that time, when

He would not find a soul by him to help

Him again. And he shared with him what

His coach told them when they were undergoing

Hunting training in the village, the chief hunter

Would take them to the firing range to train them

On how to aim at the target and not miss the target

After they have undergone the training, he would

Tell them that they should always bear this in mind

“If they are unable to hit and kill big animals, they

Should not miss the small animals”. This trainer has

Has been telling them this for long after each training

Session, but one day one of them ask the coach to

Tell them what he means by what he was saying

And the coach in order to put that straight to them

Would share another story with them when he was

A footballer, he says, that is what his coach

Use to tell them when they were training, that

Sometimes irrespective of how hard they trained, they

May not be able to defeat teams with stars,

Teams who have made names, which fans known

To be the best in the league, but there are certain

Teams too that they also known as a team they

Are better off by all standard, thus, if we as a team

Cannot defeat renown teams, we should ensure that

The teams which are not renown and especially

Teams we know we are better off should not defeat

Us in any competition for when that happens, we

Would start losing fans, our followers and those

Who have trust in us would start deserting us. One

Of the terrible things that could happen to a team

Stephen Edward, Under twelve Player at the Local team

Stephen Edward, Under twelve Player at the Local team

Is to lose followers and fans. Footballers’ joy

Is in entertaining their fans and of course bringing

Dividends to the team, the island, and in some cases

Their countries. So, if we cannot defeat renown

Teams, teams stronger than us, we should not lose

To smaller teams, teams we are better off. When

Our coach tells us this we are happy, and thus

We usually strive not to be defeated by a team that

We know we are better off on the team of play.

This saying I have incorporated into my life since

Then, and I have discovered that sometimes

When we pursue greater glory, we ignore the

Little glories which have been keeping us going

And when we ignore those small glories, we shall

Miss the greater glories and the smaller glories we

Shall not be able to attain again for they would

Have eluded us. The man said to his son. As a

Business person, it is good to aim higher, but while

Aiming higher always remember the smaller

Things you have been doing before which is bringing

You gains, do not ignore those small things because

Of things that would bring you higher gains, for

Sometimes things may not work as you have thought

And when that happens you can return to the smaller

Things that you are doing that are bringing you

Gains before, but when those things have been ignored

You may be in a bigger problems that you have

Bargained for. Do not lose small customers because

You want to gain bigger customers, those bigger customers

May not yield to you, but your regular small customers

Who have faith in you would keep coming and when

That happens you will continue to be afloat

Financially, and would not beg anyone for things

It is true that you may not be extraordinarily rich, but

You will not be a beggar, many have become a beggar

Because of this, for when they were pursuing

Bigger glories, they ignore the smaller

Glories that they have been accustomed

To in the past, do not make this error, stay afloat always.

He was grateful for his father’s counsel,

And promised to make the word his watchword

Also as he grows in what he is doing…


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