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If There Were


If there were a way to fly, high up into the clouds in the sky,

Dancing among the white puffs of those milky white fluffs,

Then you would agree was grand, what a good boy am I.

If were a way to skip over waves, out on the deep blue sea,

Never to fall below the crest, as I danced on the top all day,

Then you might say was rare, and just how happy I must be.


If there were happiness everywhere you look, without a pout,

No suffering children with no clothes or any food, no homes,

Then we would each be so joyful, all of us then give a shout.

If there was not greed, those who would take from the others,

Only the goodness found deep inside of us, without any hate,

Then we would truly be family, like that of sisters and brothers.


If there was a way to change this world, make it a better place,

Wouldn't we try to give our best, of this life we've been blessed,

Be content in all our choices, as we each live in a state of grace?

If we could accomplish this deed, Lord only knows of such a need,

Wouldn't we find a way to heaven, walking on the celestial streets,

Having settled the lifelong question of the hereafter at last, indeed?


© 2018 whonunuwho