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If Tears had a Name

Tears speak a lot but the saddest part is when these tears are shed silently.. and the message delivered remains unnoticed.


If my tears had a name,

it would have you imprinted.

Have you any clue of it?

Every time when I hinted.

Little did I realise it was more than platonic,

your words kissed me strongly deep,

your jokes sugar- like, harmonic,

memories are all loaded in a heap.

If happy tears had a name

they are those memories held tight.

The witty names by which you called me

and the icecream treats at night.

The laughter incessantly still ringing,

you staring at me, enjoying my ugly chuckle,

clicking pictures without me noticing,

your care for me when I am unable to tackle.

You knew my choices and I knew yours,

the comfort in your sweet voice,

the subtle way in which you praised me

all made my soul float in rejoice.

If tears had a name,

it was declared that very day,

when I came to know you are going

miles and miles away.

I shall remember every bit of it,

the tea dates celebrated in a gossip zone.

But you shall be losing it all

except our photos in your phone.

You shall be engrossed in your life,

remembering me once in a time frame.

But I promise that every night before sleep

there shall be tears in your name.


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