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If (Selfish)

The author is in her teenage years and is trying to be mature so that she can be a proud daughter to her parents and relatives.

It was everywhere

like thin air

daily magazines, newspapers, Tv channels

her phone buzzing,

A teenage guy took his own life after being bullied

for years,

The floor seemed slimily unable to hold her legs steadily

she fell on her knees,

It was a new feeling,

probably she felt it for the first time


Before a tear dropped onto the floor

a gentle wind blew past her and she seemed to have gone numb

eyes wide open

looking at the man ahead of her

with a wand in his hand,

he held her by one hand and said "I need to ask you a favour"

she sneered trying to break free from him,

"Who are you? I have no time for nonsense" valesa spat at the man

"The beloved" he whispered and vanished into thin air

she stood bewildered as a storm blew her hair,

"Try and save your life or theirs"

she could only hear,


"You or your friends, or should I say a bully or a group of bullies"

it felt like the man had a smirk on his face while he said so

her mouth went dry,


"Be a good person and save yourself by sacrificing your peers"

Better not be found,

Cause it is either I punish you all

or you punish your friends

Without a second thought, she nodded while crying.

All of this was a dream she wished

but it was just her looking back

at her choice

at her void decision

Still crying

with a photo of her gone friends in her shaking hands

But a familiar wind blowing past her yet again

The beloved,

"it is time for you"

Whispered a voice, before a windy storm.

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